Let’s Get Crafty: Tulle Organza Christmas Tree Craft

Hey guys!

  Since it is getting very close to Christmas time.  I thought I would post another Christmas Craft.  My Previous Craft has received  526 hits within the last month.  You can find my Wire Hanger Christmas Tree Craft here.

Tulle Organza Christmas Tree Craft. 

This really is SO simple to make.

Materials needed:

3 1/2 yards Nylon Net–72″ wide
1 dowel stick 18″ long–1/4 diameter
1 5×5 wood block
1 cardboard circle 8″ in diameter
small ornaments, angel, bow or ornament for top

Cut Nylon/Tulle into pieces: Sizes are as follows.

Cut one strip of each:

cut one strip 15″ long x 72″ wide
14″ long x 72″ wide
13″ long x 72″ wide
12″ long x 72″ wide
11″ long x 72″ wide
10″ long x 72″ wide
9″ long x 60″ wide
8″ long x 60″ wide
7″ long x 60″ wide
6″ long x 45″ wide
5″ long x 45″ wide
4″ long x 45″ wide
3″ long x 45″ wide


Fold strips in half starting with 15×72″, making it 7 1/2 x 72″. Run heavy basting thread close to fold 1/4″. Tie both ends of thread together as tightly as possible, tying several knots. Open material and ruffle. Slip disc over dowel stick which has been mounted in wood base. Round cardboard goes on first to support ruffle. Repeat for each strip. After all net discs have been placed on dowel stick, ruffle completely. Add small ornaments. Put glue on edges and add glitter for extra decorations.

You can use all different colors of Tulle.  These are great for weddings as well.

I hope you all have having a wonderful Day.

Take Care!


4 responses to “Let’s Get Crafty: Tulle Organza Christmas Tree Craft

  1. I have made this nylon net tree with my 4th grade students for a couple of years. It was a craft project that I did as a Brownie over 45 years ago. I did find a pattern on the Internet that is exactly the same as I used however, I remember using very small glass ornaments to decorate the tree with. They were very light, and the wire hanger was used to attach the ornament to the tree. I have looked everywhere and searched the net – but I can’t find these ornaments. I think they would be about 1/4 – 1/2 in diameter. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find these ornaments?

  2. I made this tree many years ago Instead of basting the fold I used large rubber bands. I’m not sure how I did this, I am going to practice. Thanks for restoring this beautiful little tree.

  3. Shirley Hinesley

    Thank you so much for these clear and easy to follow instructions. I made many of these trees – 3040 years ago but the nice thing is this is a new generation and they have not seen them. Thank you so much.

  4. So thankful I found this. I used to make these trees seems like a lifetime. I couldn’t remember the measurements. I purchased everything in hopes to fine the cutting measurements. Thanks four help.

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