Hanger Christmas Tree Craft

Hey Guys!!!!
I am still trying to get caught up on all the house work, wrapping gifts, getting the kids through there last week of school….
However, I found time to pull these together…..  🙂

I will first post pictures of what the trees can look like…


List of Materials
6 Wire Coat Hangers
2 Craft Pipe Cleaners
1 String of 100 Miniature Lights
2 Garlands 12 to 15 Feet Long
Hot Glue Gun with ample supply of Glue Sticks

Assembly Instructions

To begin assembly you will use 2 of the 6 coat hangers and cut 3 pieces of the pipe cleaners into 2 1/2 inch pieces. Place the hangers in position as seen in the following picture.You will make 2 more of these in the same manner.

After assembling the 3 main pieces you will insert the leg of the 2nd and 3rd through the middle to form the tree frame. You can make minor adjustments to align the frame by bending either the outer leg or the center area where the 3 pieces meet.

This is what the main frame will look like after assembly and alignment…..

Next, warm up the glue gun and stretch out the lights. I have found it best to start attaching the lights at the base from the end with the wall plug. The first course is attached about 3/4 of an inch from the bottom. This allows room to run the garland around below the first course of lights. The remainder of the lights are attached at 3/4 inch intervals all the way to the top. Depending on how much slack is left in the wire as the lights are attached you will most likely have a short length of lights left that I feed down into the middle of the frame.
Now it’s time to attach the garland. I also tack the first course of the garland with hot glue to each leg of the frame. The remainder of the garland is placed between each course of lights and is held in place by the lights. Depending on your garland selection you can use either solid color lights or the multi-color. This is where your creativity gets to participate. Once you are finished you can decorate your tree with miniature ornaments.

I have also found in my search for this tree crafts…they you can make them a theme…like a fall theme, valentines day theme, Independence Day, even a baby shower theme for baby boys and girls….also school teams and colors….
This looks like it will be a little time consuming at first…however, I think if you get the hang of it…it will be VERY easy!!!

* Added Nov. 7, 2008—This post has received over 1,100 hits just in the last two months.  If you like my craft and like the directions or have made it/are going to make it.  Please leave me a comment. Thanks and have a wonderful day*
**Added Sept. 10, 2009** This is a VERY popular post on my blog….I *think* it is THE most popular.  And since it is popular.  I have found that someone copied my pictures and directions(they did change them slightly).  I do not mind is someone makes this craft and posts it to their own blog.  However, PLEASE do NOT take my pictures without my permission.  I worked hard on this tutorial.  And not to get credit for it frustrates me.  Please don’t ‘take’ my pictures from this post or any other post unless, I have expressed that it is there for the taking or you have asked for my permission and I have granted it.***



35 responses to “Hanger Christmas Tree Craft

  1. That’s cool!

  2. Have a great Christmas!

  3. awesome…i’ve got the frames made and i’m on my way to the store to get my lights and garland…
    thanks for the step by step instructions…

  4. Thank you so much. This looks like something even I can make and I am not very handy with crafts.

  5. Wow!! That is so pretty!! I love how you used the garland with the little decorations hanging on it!! Now off to find some wire hangers!! (reminds me of Mommie Dearest w/ Faye Dunaway)

  6. hi these are adorable!! we have a christmas craft exchange every year and we have to make 12 of one item and than we get to go home with 12 different crafts. its a family tradition for about 22 years now and im always looking for new ideas i may trythese!! hope you have a blessed christmas!p.s. i lost my grandmother to alzheimers last year its a horrible disease!!

  7. Bonnijean Marley

    We’re going to try to make these today.

  8. I have no website…this was sent by a friend. Now, if I can print the page, I will get started making these. What a wonderful gift they will make. Do you have any ideas regarding floral arrangments with the everlasting water in the vase? That would also be wonderful gifts.
    Thanks so much for printing this out with the pictures and all.

  9. This is GREAT! Someone at work has a tree made with 4 hangers & its kind of square. I’ve been trying to figure it out for 2 years.LOL
    Thank you so much for the instructions!

  10. What a cool idea!! With this idea, you could make little Christmas trees for all your children, they could have their own special little tree, designed by them.

    I’m gonna save this idea and try this next year!!

    Great craft idea!!


  12. I am trying these for the first time this holiday season. I am using cable zip ties to hold it together. Works pretty good! I am completely perplexed as to how hot glue would work on this though.
    Thanks for the great instructions!

  13. I used to make these years ago….sold them one year for $20 each. Now as a senior citizen I am sitting here as project coordinator and appreciate that you put the instructions right here online for those that couldn’t remember.

  14. thanks for a great idea iam sitting home out of work from a back operation and need things to do and i love craft

  15. I have 2 children on the autism spectrum and my 3rd may also be diagnosed. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! There is constant bickering about what color of tree to have, and this is a life saver for me. I don’t have enough words to describe how this will help. I am going to attempt this weekend and follow up with a post on how it turned out. thanks again!!!

  16. I have been looking for the instructions for this tree ever since a friend at work made it, (top secret) I thank you very much for the tutorial. we have a competition at work every year and with great joy I would like to enter your tree just a little bit different in the decorations however I will post a picture for you when done. thanks agaon you have my undying gratitude

  17. Hi

    I am thinking about doing this craft with the grades 1 2 and 3 ( small school all in one class) at my sons school. Do you think it would be do able with lots of parental volunteers? Also if we do it can I have permission to print your directions and pictures to show the class what it should look like?

    • Absolutely You have my permission. I think it would be wonderful for those grades. With parental supervision is an added bonus due to the hangers etc. Please if you do decided to do it….l would love to know how it turns out.

  18. Just wanted to say thank you for this. When I was younger My grandfather would make these every year. Over thr past couple of years I have tried to make them with no luck. Now I can show my kids how to make these like my grandfather.

    thank you again

  19. It was decided yesterday that Christmas is at my house this year. I have many decorations but I love to decorate and so I was looking to add more. I found your instructions late late last night, lol. I had everything to make it on hand so I went for it, It took me about an hour to do a “rough draft”, lol. I think I used way to many lights. lol! They went up and around then back down again and they are sticking out everywhere really crazy looking. It actually turned out pretty nice for a 1:30 am impulse craft job, lol. I’m going to redo it but at least I have the basic idea of it. Thank you so much…. now how do I get my hubby to start finding wire hangers for me, hmmm, lol. That will take much more time to figure out, lol Thanks again!

  20. Great idea! Thanks. Shame there are people around that feel they need to copy your ideas and make them look like their own, they could’ve just posted a link!

  21. I love this. I haven’t seen anything like these before, they look so professional.
    Do you mind if I take the idea to my local craft club? I sometimes do demonstrations there . Its run by one of the local churches, the folks who go are all retired or disabled and on low incomes. I am sure they would love to be able to make some of these.

  22. I made these but skipped the hot glue gun…instead i got two sided carpet tape from walmart and once the hangers are taped together i wrap the tape around the outside of all the hangers once on i peel off the nonstick side and then wrap all my string of lights around it and then my garland it sticks to it great and i have no burnt fingers. it is fast and you can get two trees out of one thing of tape….enjoy!!

  23. I made these when I was a kid. While I was helping my mom decorate her house this afternoon I thought of the ones my brother & I made. I thought it would be great to do with my boys but couldn’t remember much other than it included hangers, lights and garland. I’m so glad I found this tutorial! Thank you! I can’t wait to get what I need and do this with them 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

  24. This does seem to be the easiest directions I have found just yet. My husband purchased one from a coworker for my “early” christmas “love you” gift. lol I fell in love with it and have never seen anything like it. Now I want to do it for my mom and aunt next year. = ] Thanks a bunch!

  25. Thank you for your idea, it was very clever of you to come up with this.
    I saw one on display somewhere, and for the life of me, I could not figure out how they had arranged the coat hangers. Your instructions were very easy to follow.
    Thanks again, Merry Christmans and Happy New Year

  26. I have one of these that my departed sister gave to me last year. I’ve tried to figure out how it was made! Thank you so much! And YES! I ‘ve heard of SparkPeople ~ love it!

  27. thank you so much for the directions, this is something I would LOVE to try!

  28. this is so amazing! I went and made one for myself, they’re awesome! (and I’m 12 years old, this was recommended to me by a friend) But I changed up a few of the decorations and it looks amazing! 😉

  29. I love this. With your directions, I think I should be able to make this. I have been looking for “good” directions for these. Thank you so much for the effort you did in creating your instructions. Can’t wait to get started on it.

  30. My children have made these in school. I’m glad you wrote out a tutorial because I want to do them at a party!

  31. This seems like an “I can do” project just in time for 2012 Christmas season!

  32. i been making these trees for years I love making them I made one with purple lites and purple garland and purple bows its was so pretty

  33. Thanks for posting this! I tried to explain it to the FedEx man. Your tutorial is perfect!

  34. Just loved this project and actually made two. Needed decorations for local library. Got alot of compliments. Thanks for the pics and instructions.

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