Tacky Birthday Party Invitation

Hey Guys!

This week just seems to keep dragging on…I went through the whole day Wednesday thinking it was Thursday!  Uggggh!  Come on Friday.

Question-Have you ever received a tacky or rude birthday invitation?

I know, how can a birthday invitation be tacky?  I will show you…

Yesterday, my nine-year old son comes home and excitedly hands his dad this party invitation.  My son and this boy have been going to school together for a couple of years.

The front of this invitation is not done tacky in the least…..

Now, he did get this yesterday, and the party is THIS Saturday! Three days notice is just not sufficient amount of time to be invited…at least I don’t think so.  I think a week would have been better maybe even a week and a half or two weeks.

Now onto the tacky part…..

Here is the BACK of the invite!

My first thought was….okay, now we don’t have to guess at what to get him. My thoughts immediately changed to ….HOW TACKY!  How RUDE!

First of all asking for Money is RUDE! Secondly, it could detour some parents ds from letting their child go to the party.  If their parents are short and don’t have money to send.  And what if one parent could only send $5, while other kids did $15 or even $20!

You ask people to come to a party because you want them there to celebrate it with you….not for a gift.  Miss Manners would be mortified.

If he receives birthday money as a gift….then great….but don’t ask for it.  I feel like I would be funding him….his parents should give him allowance so he can save up for it…not be a beggar for it at his birthday party.

Suffice to say our son will not be attending this party…based on three  things. One, three days notice is not enough notice for us.  Two, the tackiness and rudeness of asking for money.  And finally, we are on a budget.  We spend around $5 to $10 on birthdays that my kids are invited to.  I have 4 kids and being invited to parties adds up pretty darn quick.

So, do you think this is tacky?  I am just being ‘old fashioned’ in my thinking?

I hope you all have a marvelous day.

Sweet Heart Wreath Valentines Day Craft

This is absolutely a Sweetheart of a project!

It took me around 5 to 6 hours within 3 days to complete it.

Materials needed:

Styrofoam heart (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.97)

One and half yards of red felt fabric (More of less depending on how loose/close together you place each circle ‘cone’ and depending on how big your heart is….they make several different sizes.)

between 250/300 straight pins

18″ long of ribbon total folded in half (or less if you prefer, maybe even more if that is your taste)



First you need to create a template for the circle.  I used a cookie cutter. It is about 3″ in diameter.  I didn’t cut out all my circles at once.  I cut out 15-20 a time, and then placed them on the heart form.

After you are done making the circles.  Take the circle and fold it in half, then fold it in half again.  This makes a triangle/cone shape.

Attach the ‘cone’ to the heart using a straight pin into the folded point.  Continue this all the way around.

Then take the ribbon, fold it in half and attach it to the back.  And your done!  Hang and admire!


You can make this as full as you want.  Some only use 3/4th of a yard of felt, while I used just shy of 1 and a half yards.  And it also depends on how big your heart is as to how much fabric you will use.

The circles do NOT have to be perfectly cut.

To make the circles a little faster~ fold over your fabric and cut out two at a time.

I would not stick this wreath on the door for outside use.  This is a ‘indoor’ wreath.

Make sure you watch your pins that they do not come through on the back and you end up sticking yourself.  This didn’t happen to me.  However, you can never be too careful.

My daughter wants me to make her one for her room in the color of pink.   I might make a step by step picture tutorial if i can find another heart form.


One of my New favorite Songs….

It is a old song…But I love it, my 5 year old sings it with me!

More savings……

Yes, I indeed have found and purchased some more items, that I actually used coupons for.  And in Toys R ‘Us no less.

pictureka-1Before coupons My total was $37.38 with Tax.  After coupons $12.38!

I purchased 5 pictureka games and a pink locker organizer for Aimee’s locker.

We are keeping one card game for ourselves and using the others for kids birthday gifts and such.  You know when you get a birthday invite and the birthday is only a few days away and you don’t really have anything to give or any money to go out and purchase something.  This is what they will get.

Or we might donate them to our church or give them as a gift to my kids teacher’s for Christmas.

Onto another deal, (Beware of purchasing this on eBay or Amazon!  I found only one on Amazon and they wanted $39.99 for it.  We got this one at Wal-Mart for $12.00!  SAME ONE!

pinkcal-1This one is Aimee’s.  And for just $12.00.  It pays to shop around.  Granted our Walmart only had 3 of them.  So I am sure once they are noticed they will go FAST!

She is one HAPPY girl!  We last just 2 things to have all her school supplies bought.  Daniel lacks a lot and so does Zachary and we still have to get them all new backpacks!

Sending kids to school is EXPENSIVE!

Since March 16th, I have saved $1,278.48!!!!  I still have some receipts to add to that as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Take care!


One Month…..

My kids have Exactly one month then it is…….

btsI think for once my oldest is actually looking forward to getting back to school.  Now, that could be just to see his friends.  Which is probably more the case.

Aimee has been super excited ever since her 5th grade graduation.

Zachary, well, he really doesn’t want to go.  I am sure he will get better as the weeks go by.

It just amazes me that I have 2 middle school kids.  I feel so old!

We should be receiving the new school calendar soon.  They mail that out about the middle of every July.  It has the dates and such on it for the school year.

This year there is a time change on when school starts for the elementary.  I don’t know if it will change for the middles school students or not.  I hope to find the time out soon so I can get my kids morning routines down for the year.

One more thing before I close out.

I don’t know why I feel like I have to say this again for the umpteenth time. I am a mom blogger.  I blog about my life as a parent of 4.  My blog is full of Randomness.

I do not Claim to be a english teach.  Yes, you will probably find some spelling and grammar mistakes.  I do spell check before posting.  However, being a busy mom of 4 sometimes Grammar and spelling do not get checked.

This blog is not perfect, nor do I claim it to be.  I am simply put….a Mom that enjoy blogging to share with her family that happen to live in different states.  And to share with my friends, and online blogging friends that I have met along the way.

My kids, husband, family, house, friends, all come before my blog.  They are my priority.  My blog will always take a backseat to that. So No, my spelling and grammar may or may not be perfect.

If you can’t deal with a few grammatical errors or spelling errors than you shouldn’t be reading my blog.

I love the blog friends I have made, and I will continue to seek out new blogs to read.  All negative comments about my grammar or spelling will not be published.

Negativity is NOT allowed in my house, so it sure will not be allowed on my blog.

With that said,

I hope you all have a excellent, wonderful Day.

Take Care!


Three things about me….

I thought I would post this.  It is from a facebook ‘meme’ or chain.  Whatever, you want to call it.  Since I have blog block, I thought I would do this.

Three Names I go by
Momma  (my kids and husband call me this)
Sopapia  (My father in laws nickname for me, Eric calls me this as well)
Suprina (what everyone calls me but if you don’t know me they usually mispronounce it.)

Three Jobs I have had in my life

3M-I made 5″ floppy discs (While going to college)
Opryland (Worked here before I started having complications with my pregnancy with Daniel)
Cashier at Foodlion

Three Places I have lived
Oklahoma (Born and raised moved away when I was 20.)
Germany(I would live in Germany anytime.  David was also born in Germany)
Florida (I lived in Miami, I would live in Florida again but more Northern.  Living in Miami is like living in a different country.)

Three TV Shows that I watch
Golden Girls ( I just love watching the Golden Girls.)
Dancing With The Stars (This is one of my favorites)
Burn Notice (You just got to watch this.  It is on Thursday Nights, forget what channel, have to check on that)

Three places I have been
Orlando, Florida

People that e-mail me regularly
My sister

Three of my favorite foods

Anything BBQ (Anyone that knows me should know that I love ANY type of BBQ!)

Three of my favorite songs

“Sailing” By Christopher Cross
“Love Will Keep Us Together”,Captain & Tennille
“Kokomo”, Beach Boys

Three of my favorite places to shop

Old Navy
(I also love shopping at Sears for clothing. I also shop at walmart a lot but if I didn’t HAVE to, I wouldn’t.)

Three of my Favorite Movies

Sweet Home Alabama
Iron Man

Three of my Favorite colors

Pink (all different shades)
Brown ( all different shades)
Blues (all different shades)
( I also like all different shades of purple and some green)

Three of my favorite restaurants

Golden Rule smokehouse

Three of my favorite fast food joints

Sonic Drive In (this one is probably my all time favorite)

Aimee would include “Subway”, and my boys would include “McDonalds”.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Take care!


Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a fantastic but Safe Independence Day!

Please remember those fighting for our freedoms.  And our veterans who have fought for us.

Have a wonderful day of celebrating!

Take care!